Most of the brides dream of the perfect wedding day, of the perfect wedding photos and of the most amazing cake. Of course all women want that, but how difficult it is to really get it? A perfect day is formed of multiple little things, so to get a great day you need to pay attention to the details, right? The wedding photographers are part of the perfect wedding day picture, since they will be taking all the important shots. There are several tips and tricks to learn about wedding photographers, but which are the things a photographer would tell you if he could? Well, you have the chance now to find out some of them!

  • Question 1: How can I pick just one photographer, when there are thousands of them?

If you are ready to start the photographer hunt, then you need to start searching. The wedding photographers in Charlotte for example, are listed based on their style and price, so you can start from there. What style are you looking for? What is your budget? Put together a list of points to consider when choosing a wedding photographer and you will ease your work.

After you have chosen a few options, meet them all and set up interviews. Prepare a set of questions to ask them, but let the conversation be natural, and do not make the photographer feel like at an interrogatory. Choose a photographer that checks all the important points for you, but also who seems to have a connection with you as a couple.

  • Question 2: Which is the number of photos I should get?

Most of the Charlotte Wedding Photographers will deliver somewhere between 50 and 100 photos for every hour they cover your wedding. You should get around four hundred photos or more if you are really picky. This may seem like a large number, but your wedding photographer will take care of photographing everything, from you with the family to your eye shadow!

  • Question 3: How can I get blurry backgrounds in photos?

Those photos are taken with professional lenses used by photographers to focus on the subject. You can ask your wedding photographer to take more of those photos!

  • Question 4: Which are the most common photography styles?

Most wedding photographers use certain photography styles to capture the essence of the event. The most common of them are:

  • Clean style: light processed photos to make them appear natural;
  • Matte style: this is a low-contrast technique, very similar to the vintage film photos;
  • High Contrast style: this gives photos a vibrant look, and has rich color that usually pop.


There are many things you should know when hiring a wedding photographer, but these four questions are the main ones you should get answers to. Hopefully, the answers will make your search easier!


Getting the best wedding photos is not all about finding the right photographer! There are many more things to think about when it comes to the wedding photography! The most important thing is that you can guide the photographer to do all you want during your wedding day. Usually, wedding photographers will have their own photo style and setting in mind, but they will listen to all your wishes and respect your desires. So what do you have to do for perfect wedding photos?

  • Do your homework

You need to start doing your homework early if you want to be well-prepared. It is recommended to start searching a year before your wedding, and to begin with asking recommendations for couple who already got married or from friends and families. Also, search photographers in your area. You can type “wedding photographers in Charlotte” on Google and see all those listing in that area for example. Look for galleries, videos and wedding albums to find someone you really like.

  • Review is the key

Before you choose one wedding photographer, you need to review your favorite ones. For example, the Charlotte Wedding Photographers may be great photographers, but not all of them will be into your budget range or will shoot as you would like. Review photos and galleries by thinking of key moments you want to be captured at your wedding. Which photographer is closer to your vision?

  • Set up some interviews

After choosing some favorites, call them in for an interview. This will help you get to know the photographers, see how they work, which is their style, what techniques they use, how involved they are with their work and if they share any connection with you. Make sure you find a photographer that makes you feel comfortable.

  • Discuss with your wedding photographer

Discussing with the photographer before is actually very important. You need to give him some guidance and share your ideas on how you would want the wedding to look like. Make sure you are very specific about certain things, such as capturing the details, being silent, capturing the essence of the wedding, getting pictures with all the family and siblings, etc. If you have any special requests to make, now is time to make them!

  • Does he need help?

Before the wedding you should also make sure if your photographer needs help with anything. If he does or if you think he cannot handle all that work, then you should think about hiring an assistant as well, or even a second photographer. An assistant will ease the photographer`s job and make the whole process faster. A second photographer will get you a second set of photos, as a back-up for the first set. It is completely up to you if you need a second batch of photos or not!


Wedding photographers seem to be everywhere these days, and that can make choosing a photographer for your wedding quite confusing. Plus, it does not seem like such an important thing to cross off your list when you think about it. Except it is. The wedding photos are the single things that will last you a lifetime, so your memories depend strictly on the photographer. How can you know you are making a good choice? Here is some guidance for those looking for wedding photographers in Charlotte.

  • Ask for his portfolio

When you are looking for a wedding photographer, the first thing you need to do is ask for his portfolio. Why is this important? His/her portfolio will let you see how that photographer works, what style he has, how many wedding he has shot, etc. The more work you will get to see of that photographer, the more you will be able to find out about his working style, technique, etc.

  • How much do you need the photographer`s presence?

The photographer`s presence is tremendously important in your big day. Usually, the Charlotte Wedding Photographers tend to sit and walk with the bride and the groom all day long! They will be directly involved with you with most of the aspects of that day. You need a photographer that will be there with your when you get ready, while you have the ceremony, when you have your first dance, etc. However, the photographer does need to be silent and not disturb the atmosphere. Finding such a photographer is a difficult job, but is worth the time, because only that type of photographer will capture all the essential moments without ruining your day.

  • Don`t forget about your budget

There is one main thing you need to take into consideration when it comes to wedding photographers, and that is your own budget! You may have a wide range of option available, but you will see that most of them are too expensive for you (if you are working on a tight budget). So, when you decide for a certain wedding photographer, talk about his fee as well. Finding a great photographer and giving up because of the price is truly not worth it.

  • Have a conversation with the photographers

Before you hire one wedding photographer is better to find as much as you can about them. Ask them about their previous work, how it went, if the past couples were satisfied with the service, etc. You should also get interested in their style, technique, preferences, etc. If you are into a certain type of photography, get interested in it. After that, ask the photographers if they can work it out and if it costs extra. Getting the best wedding photos is what you deserve, so do not settle for an inexperienced wedding photographer!